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Family Photo Album

On this page I'll describe each member of my family. Here's an example of a format I might use.

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This is my mom with my sister theye take this pic during the graduation of my sister.I love very much my mom because she is understanding to me even though I made a mistake to here.She able to accept me without doubt.Im proud of have mother like you.

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My Dad

This pic is my dad.He take this pic when we are in Tagbilaran City.My dad is the most perfect father for me coz he will be the only one person can able to understand me.I love my dad very much.

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Some pic of me with my family!

We take this picture when I visit my family in Bohol.The boy in the pic is my brother,followed by the mother,me,then my dearest antie.Im proud to show this pic because they are important to me.


Me and Malou

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Me with my Antie

This pic is taken when we visit the Towest Temple in Cebu City.This place also is the one of our tourist spots in the Philippines!


Me and Marlu